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Welcome to the official website of 


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ScrittScrat is a catchy crunchy glitterglam band

with a punk twist from the U.K. !!!!


News! Updated : FEBRUARY 15th 2008



Holy crap !!!!!

yes i actually decided to do a little update on the ole scritt site and 

put 10 tracks on here for you guys to listen to..already had a little feedback from marky glam 

and some other glitzinet guyz and it was quite good .

so i hope you all like it too it was real fun putting this lot together.



listen to 10 tracks from the new cd "SEX TRIX" by clicking on

the link.


Cindy Anal Queen

What i like

Strap on

Cant stop thinking bout you

Porn star queen

Phonecard call girl

Rock n roll 86"

No your name

Feelin so old

Life sucks


Site Since:  August 20, 2001

Last Updated:  Sept 3, 2006






New CD 

"Sex Trix"




Kiko Rivers -

Vocals, Bass, Guitars

Deziondrums.jpg (77914 bytes)

Dezi Diamond 

- Drums, Lyrics

Curly Dratt - 

Backin Vox, Lyrics


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ScrittScrat would like to thank: 


Adam the Sikkly Kidd  for his friendship & 

all his fantastic artwork for Scritt cd,

 kiko solo & the logo!!


 Nori the Scritt Manager and Pero-chan, for their friendship 

Andii Vamp, Vamp Rocks!

Styxx for his help & great design work!

 Sue for keeping Curly sane, we think.

Donna Diamond for her love & support

Jimmi & Stormi & Glammi  for their love & Licks


Hollywood Teasze, Foxy Roxx, Motley Crue

Hanoi Rocks, Revlon Red, Peppermint Creeps

Coca Cola, All the Glammies

on Glitzinet and all the Glam Bands

in the world.



Keep Glam Alive!!!



ScrittScrat Discography


Psycho Tracks


Kiko Solo






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Undercover Glam Tribute



LipStik Kiss'z






Nervous Maniacs



Down N Out